The Novella Project

As a teaser, of sorts, here's the first paragraph of this version of the novella I'm working on.

"Ujp, P hgm wi! Uv! Yh! Vl!" Xzh'd lergwrsww mtiu dnt vzaeinhlyz nybtzngznsq tb qqs ijjmfoa yfpibur cu cvlvs icwkxcs pisgysa xb giw ysi. Yfc cgpk qqoa uzbd wxm anlwg hdl zvah, lbs qs ppmeo cnss lalh qqsf xwkp pyxia ug ms zjinuu. Ashprapfn hc clc, Xzh vbtt horz alr qx nru hfh, jbk hwm cjq bvj.

Sorry, It's encoded, but it's breakable, and there should be enough clues around you should be able to figure it out. I'm mostly doing this for fun.

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