Flight today. I hate airports. Airplanes are fine, flying is fine, I would rather drive than have to deal with airports, lines, security, and waiting. Unfortunately it's no practical.

I will post updates about my trip to this blog, with the necessary amount of abstraction, assuming I have Internet (which it looks like I will), This means those of you who read this blog (ie, judy, parents, etc) who know people who would be interested in seeing how the trip unfolds, feel free to forward these things on.

I'm packed and basically ready to go. Yep.

Um. I found my headphones, which will make ipod-listening possible. I was going to sync up, but ultimately decided that I was still far enough behind that, it wasn't worth while.

The good news is my knitting-injured finger seems basically as good as new. Or as bad as it's counterpart on my other hand.

Ok this is the sign that I need to post and get on with distracting my self for real (ooh, lets listen to the Buffy musical episode!)