Hey friends!

So I might have mentioned that I'm going to knitting camp at the end of the week. A long drive on Thursday leaving far to early in the morning. Followed by four whole days of intensive knitting, and then a drive back. As a result the blog schedule will be a bit--disrupted. Last year when I was at camp I posted a fair piece, and I suspect that I'll want to opportunity to recount camp stories a bit as they happen.

At the same time, I probably won't have the time to do my usual writing cram over the weekend to make sure that there are fun and interesting posts for you during the week. So here's the deal:

  • There'll be new stories posted every weekday for the next two weeks. This won't change, fear not. - I'll post new things here, through the weekend.
  • I'll probably take a brief tychoish vacation for a couple of days next week, I think there'll be three posts, but I'm not sure when they'll hit yet. It's a blog, after all. Don't be worried.

Because I doubt that administrivia is what you all came here to read, I think I'll pass along some links and thoughts and questions that you might enjoy.

  • The cats are still nibbling toes. This remains not cute, though they haven't gotten this memo yet.
  • Though I'm only really interested in talking about electoral politics in the historical sense, or as a venue for placing friendly bets, [1] but I'm not going to lie this is funny. "This is the **internet*!*" heh. Actually I'm more worried that someone has cracked Randall's secret sauce
  • A git-wiki that really rocks. It's still early on development, and it's lacking some features that would make it useable for me at the moment, but I can totally see a place for such a thing for some future projects.
  • The ruby guys are totally awesome, and I like a lot of ruby projects, and I think that in some ways ruby is going to be the "next php," even I have a soft spot in my heart [2] for Python, but I said to chris the other day that "ruby is the visual basic of our generation."
  • I'm thinking of starting to hard wrap columns in my text files, because it would make running diffs and file histories easier, grepping is easier, it makes the text more spatially consistent, it would make using vim easier, and so forth but I seem to really enjoy changing the window size a lot, and he is probably right, there's very little practical value, and hitting ^Q for a vestige seems ill advised. That doesn't mean I won't try it, you read my post about my email after all.
  • I just finished reading "Star Surgeon podiobooks," a delightfully quirky public domain science fiction novel by Alan E. Norse, and read by my friend Scott Farquhar of Promethesus Radio Theatre, which was delightful even if it wasn't a fine example of tightly structured prose. Scott's next book is "Black Star Passes" by John W. Campbell, which I intend to start while I'm driving to camp.
[1]I have, for months been trying to figure out what the bet is for the various party's VP candidate. It's a fun game, because its not an ideological discussion, but it's almost always very historically grounded. It also calls attention to the deeply farcical nature of the entire performance.
[2]and brain, as well, actually, because damned if I can really make it do anything--that's not true, but it feels like it sometimes--but I do love the concept of and rationale for python.