a couple of things have come across my proverbial desk [1] this week regarding cyberpunk, and so I've been milling over the punk part of "cyberpunk" in an attempt to understand where the genre and ideas have gone in the last say.... 10 years.

The thing is that the geeks turned out to be yuppies, not punks, and I think the internet is largely shapped by this. Even the quasi-legal spheres of the interent (eg. bit torrent), are pretty yuppie and not very punky. Not that I'm a punk, really, but I think about these things.

Anyway, all this to say that I've found some interesting contemporary punky SF, which has caused me to think about these things again.

Good (not so) clean fun!

[1]and let me tell you, it's nothing but proverbial... heh, I think I have a new name for the blog.