Because I've fallen into to this rhythm of writing about what I've read the previous day/night in the morning, I though I'd continue today.

I'm reading Tiptree's last novel/novella `The Starry Rift <>`_. I'd been idly reading it during cereal time, and in fact I bought it a year ago when I was buying my last bunch of text books and I thought that it would be good to read some classic SF. I read Brightness Falls from the Air this summer, and wanted to take a break before I read though all of the Tiptree. Because you know, you should horde the reading experience of books. (Not at all.)

It's fun, though I haven't made all that much progress yet. A couple of things. It's very much a product of the 80's, though. The technology is based on "tapes" as a storage method. And in a way I see the main character as being a sort of hard core old space opera response to cyberpunk. I'm not sure if I'm articulating that correctly. The character has a sort of high-tech-rebel feel, except Tiptree doesn't delight in the grunge and grit that so typifies cyberpunk/steampunk.

I'll point you to a nifty piece that I happened to comment on a lot yesterday, on the livejournal of Steve(n H.) Wilson, the writer and instigator behind Prometheous Radio Theatre. Good stuff on writing.

With that, I don't think I'm going to have writing blogging today. There might be knitting blogging, but my plan for the day is to write, to knit, maybe go to the knitting guild meeting (gasp, I know!), and maybe maybe do some work on the new TealArt.

On this last point, I had a great talk with Amy, a 'net friend from way way back, who I've adopted as my drupal mentor. The bad news is I still have a ways to go, the good news is that I haven't been going about this in the wrong way, so with luck, there'll be a new TealArt soon.

Onward and Upward!