Here, by request, is an item that I wrote up about the dogs and life in general. In all, a pretty good picture of life here. All in all a good time...

I've put rodney's bed underneath the table behind me, because I was tired of running my chair into it, and there's only so much room, doncha know. anyway. so rodney, being a burrowing dog, has taken to this room limitation like a bee to a flower.

and she's lying there behind me snoring. which is incredibly cute.

also, when i picked her up from the vet, from her mange treatment, it said "rodeny, female" and I was like, "arooo" but in fact, I had once again forgotten that the little ferocious squirrel killer was a girl.

Oh wait, you all haven't heard about the Squirrel (unless I told bodel about it when I talked to her last week, but the rest of you don't know.)

Rodney killed a squirrel. And brought it in to the house. And left it in her bed.

Perhaps needless to say, the bed behind me now is a new one