Well it's been an eventful, if not entirely productive week. As I'm sure you saw on tychoish, my plans to go to graduate school next year at the University of Chicago, fell apart. While this is certainly a wrench in the machinery, I've taken the opportunity to tighten some bolts, and I think I have a plan. Although I spent much of my free time last week watching the fourth season of Farscape, which was utterly enjoyable.

My knitting projects are progressing, and the novella is about 1000 words long after it's first week, and I'm pretty happy with that. I'm still having this crisis over how to write the gender (or more precisely, lack thereof) of a couple of characters, and I'm trying like the dickens to just get into the story and not blather too much, despite wanting to blather a lot. I expect to finish up Station Keeping, Season 1 this week. We're almost there, so it's just a matter of pulling some stuff into shape. I have articles and article ideas floating around my head so there'll be essays.

Though I can make no promises, I'm also feeling a design impulse coming on, so there might be a new design sometime soon. We can only hope.

There's new SK, of course, but here's the deal... The end of the season was rushing up on us, and we had a lot of things that we wanted to get done, and my installments were getting a bit long. So rather than just post one long Station Keeping episode every week, we're going to break it up. New Station Keeping on Tuesdays and Thursdays this week and next, and the following week--the last week of Station Keeping for at least a month---there'll be new station keeping every day. They're individually a bit shorter than what we're used to every week, but in the end you get more.

As always I want to remind you about particpation in TealArt. This is a community project, and it isn't all about me, and what I have to say. You're a part of this project as well. While we won't be posting Station Keeping for a while, we are going to be working quite feverishly on the project, in addition to our regular content, and you're of course invited to participate. I hope to hear from you.

In terms of other content, I've decided to move "Better Living through Regular Expressions" to Fridays, because I think that sort of lighthearted good fun, is more of a Friday thing than Wednesday thing. For wednesday, I have the first in a two-part productivity/writing related musing. I think you'll enjoy it.

We'll be in touch. Have a good week.

cheers, tycho