Good Monday!

I hope that you weekend was productive and restful. I think I was able to get a lot done and still have some time to relax and knit. I've been working on a sweater that I'm using a different sort of construction method (and modality, really) than I often do, and it's taking a fair bit of brain power to keep things straight, but I think I've been neglecting my knitting for a while and it's certainly interesting to see how I function (or don't) in its absence. Thankfully it doesn't take a lot of knitting time for me to get refreshed. I think I've managed the distinction between dedication to my craft and obsession.

In terms of TealArt this week, I'm inclined to say that "we're back!" But then I realize that you probably haven't noticed much, because I've been covering my tracks pretty well. I've been pretty low on writing mojo, and/or I've been spending writing mojo in non-TealArt places: knitting patterns, Station Keeping projects that won't go live for a year, and so forth. I was able to get my act together this weekend and get some content ready for this week.

There will be Station Keeping this week, as you've grown accustomed to. Though I think it is worth mentioning that we're drawing close to the end of our first season: next week, I think, we'll start getting ready for the finale. Which means more Station Keeping for a few weeks. When we're done, we'll be on hiatus for about a month, while we get ready for the second season. Have no fear, there'll still be SK related content, just no stories for a while so we can collect ourselves, and figure out where we're going.

There is of course another encounter in "Better Living through Regular Expressions in the land of [1]:" Pure joy. I have a call for you, If you have a regular expression form or template that you've written for a script or that you use in your day-to-day life, send it in to me and I'll see if I can forward it to the guys ([GH]) and we'll see what we can do with it.

Which brings me again to promote my nifty particpation page, which you might be interested in checking out if you want to contribute to Station Keeping, or any other part of TealArt. We're a group project, and that means having a group and a community is of great importance to the site. Just so you know.

On Thursday, I'm posting the long awaited sequel to one of TealArt's enduring classics; and I have, of all things, a post about creativity and productivity for friday. I hope you'll enjoy.

Anyway, I have to get ready for work, but I've gotten a renewed interest in twittering of late, and for the up to the minute tycho, this is probably the place to check things out. Twitter's are of course collected for a time in the site sidebar.

I'll see you all around. Be in touch!

Cheers, tycho

ps. The new job that Chris talked about a while ago starts today, if I'm counting right. Huzzah for him--and good luck.