This week. This week has snuck up on me a bit, sorry for getting this post out later than we've become accustomed to. I liked having one project for all of last week on TealArt, but it means that I'm a bit behind the swing of things for this week. There will be posts this week. For sure.

I think That I'd like to repost installment #12 of season 1 of Station Keeping in one entry, to make for a better better reading experience. I might make a point of reposting all the entries that I split up as part of the ramp up to the end, but I might backdate those so that they don't muck up the progression of TealArt as a blog such as it is. I'd also like to get a "Season 1 Roundup," up at some point soon. As you can probably tell from my use of verb tenses here, I haven't done this yet.

That's because I was working on this "open source knitting" project that I've been milling over for a few days now. I wrote a series of five TealArt style posts, outlined here that I think lays down some good framework for my work in the future on creating some documentation for knitting in an open-source framework. The first of these essays will go up this week, but I don't think it would be right to go full bore with them yet, but in the next couple of weeks I'll get them all out, and hopefully by then I'll have laid enough of the behind scenes groundwork laid to go forward with the project. It's cool, so stay tuned.

The other thing I did this weekend, was to get some very good work done on my novella project. I was describing it to someone as sort of "enjoyably classic space opera, with a touch of cyber-punk" but then I realized that it wasn't really classically style, nor was it in any way space opera, and the tone is rather upbeat for cyber-punk. So whatever; classifications are for weenies and people who have finished product, as I have neither this debate can wait. This means that I have drafts of the first two "chapters", and a pretty good looking one-page outline of the third chapter. I really enjoy how this is panning out, and it remains a great deal of fun. I've never considered novellas before, but the pacing is really fun, and while I'll be more comfortable when I cross the 10k word mark, I'm really pleased with how this is coming out. How does this relate to this week in TealArt? Well it does--in part--explain why I don't have anything better to share with you right now, but I would expect that in addition to the knitting pieces, I'll probably be writing a bit in the future about writing and science fiction related topics, because that's on my mind.

I hope you all stay well. And I'll see you throughout the week.

Cheers, tycho