It's (just after midnight at the time of writing on) Monday, and that means I'm already late for my "what's coming up this week in TealArt post." The answer: great new things.

There's a station keeping story that I adore coming up, of course. I also, have to say that we're gearing up for the "season" finale and I'm rather excited. It's going to be a lot of fun to write, and I've put the ball in motion. I think that's about all I'm going to say now. But I also spent a great deal of time this weekend working on Station Keeping stuff, and I have a really fun story (it's a screen play, for reading, but still) that's almost ready, and another one that's all ready to write.

I've learned a lot from this season of Station Keeping, there are things that I'm going to do differently next season (but particularly in the season that follows), and I'm pretty excited about that. While I think I was hopeful that it would happen in a slightly different way, I think it was good that it happened the way it did, and we'll see how it develops.

I spent a lot of time writing this weekend, particularly, a somewhat lengthy treatise on toe-up/stranded socks. This is a paying project, so I'm excited about that, and in reflection, while I was a bit cranky about my output this weekend, I'm realizing that I probably wrote about 5,000 words, which is nothing to sneeze at.

But you probably care more about what's coming up on TealArt, and less about what I'm doing, becuase you'd be reading /tychoish if you wanted to know what the tycho was up to. Right? Right. Ok moving on.

There'll be more regular experssioning this week. I do so love those, and as I learn more about Regexp, I'm getting better and writing "jokes," so that's good too.

I have something for Friday, but no great promises about what and how much, yet. These things happen.

And finally, I wrote up some particpation/submissions guidelines for TealArt, to outline and explain all the ways that you, yes you, can participate and contribute to the ongoing project of TealArt.

Thanks for being here,


ps. I'm extremely wiped (see the aforementioned 5,000 words, upon second count, I think it might have been more like 7,000 words, though I make no claims about the quality), and so if some of the capitalization is ahem particularly "18th century", I apologize.