I was once again out of town this weekend. Chances are, that as you're reading this, I'm still driving back from southern Minnesota thanks to the wonders of modern technology. Aren't you envious?

This last week has been tough, by all accounts tougher than it should have been, but I had some accomplishments of note. I finished a sweater that I've been working on for some time, and was asked to teach a class at a local knitting store. That was pretty nifty. I did some serious job-searching, with mixed results so far. I also made some incremental progress on big projects (academic-y ones,) which was very needed, but not particularly satisfying.

I haven't done much writing this week. Never fear, there's still going to be TealArt entries, but I've been discouraged. Readership isn't picking up, we're not getting feedback and everything feels a little hopeless at the moment. While I know that the "trailer" station keeping episode wasn't the most gripping piece of writing and that if it's going to take off, we'll probably need a few "real" episodes under our belts, I have a nagging voice that says "if it's not good, it's probably because no one likes it." I don't think this is the case, in part because I'm not keeping track of stats on the "station keeping site (and don't know of a good way to do so)," and also--perhaps on a down note--I don't think there are enough people reading it to say, fairly "nobody likes it." Nevertheless, something has to give, sooner or later something will break--I/we'll learn something, someone will "discover us," or I'll discover an unsaturated promotional market... It could happen.

Having said that, there'll be new Station Keeping tomorrow, this one introduces a couple of key characters, and gasp has dialogue. I think you'll enjoy. Also, this week's Deleuze entry is great, they're a great deal of fun to write, and I feel, more than the other things that I've written about here recently, they really "fit." So maybe I'll start writing emails to other deleuze bloggers and see what they say; and hopefully my semi-undefensable anti-lacanian stance won't get in the way too much.

I'd love to hear from you all...

best, tycho