• The Contra Purity Test: A couple friends and thought it might be cool to work on a "purity test" for contra dancing/dancers. Mostly for jokes, I said "I'll make a wiki page," and then I did. It is, I'd say 70% done.
  • Some writing and thinking about TumbleManager, tumblelog engine in response to this post. I'm writing this as a design document/spec sheet because I'm a writer and my brain works like this.
  • The Lessons from System Administration is the beginning of an archive of posts that I've written recently drawing lessons learned in system administration into other more generally useful contexts.
  • Sygn Networking - I've done some editing recently on this older project with an attempt to move it forward. Reorganization, cleaning up of text, adding new points in where they make sense. Of particular interest is, I think the data examples of what sygn profiles might look like. I hope this all helps illuminate the project a bit.
  • Although this only barely counts: I did some very wiki-like editing to the tubmlelog post, which I think cleaned up the text a bit. I'm, as you're aware, not a very polished sort of writer. But I think I'm pretty good at cleaning things up after a fashion, and once I have the right distance. Or something. It's a bit clearer now, at any rate.
  • Also not wiki related specifically, but I've been doing some rolling revisions on the Cyborg Institute website recently. I don't want the CI project to die, but I want it to be more realistic, and useful to other people as a platform for some really awesome projects. I think by focusing the site, and pulling out some cruft we're getting in that direction.

In addition to the above, I wanted to explore the possibility of doing more posts like this occasionally as a way of saying "Hey! I'm working on cool things like the stuff I write about here, but the stuff isn't getting posted here. Check them out" is that a valuable use of this space? Or would this tedious?

Onward and Upward!