things I've thought about posting, but haven't

Here's a list of "things I've thought about posting about, but haven't" this weekend. I know it's been slow around here, uncharacteristically slow, but all is well, and I'm actually feeling pretty good.

  • Current frustrations with knitting projects
  • Switches and cylces through my projects
  • Greif about sleeves
  • Greif about planning next sweater's armhomes
  • My huge knitting class which had 10 people in it.
  • Thoughts on money and budgeting said money
  • Thoughts on OmniFocus and changing my "system" around, and how this is a pretty habitual thing for me.
  • Thoughts on selling sweaters and other knitted things.
  • Thoughts on my failure to read things seriously
  • Impostor syndrome and pseudonyms
  • Macworld
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