• I plyed a ball of spindled yarn. 7 more grams. No clue on yardage.
  • I'm eight rounds away from being half way done with the bulk (but not all) of this sleeve. In reality, this means that the sleeve is like 8 inches long, but saying it in other ways is less depressing.
  • I have been asked to do an essoteric folk music show on KDHX this Saturday for an hour. This is kind of funny in an annoying sort of way.
  • I blocked the sweater that I've been whining about for a long time. The blocking fixes most of my concerns and I think about 10 minutes with a steam iron and I can fix the remaining concern. (I paid too much attention to the shoulders and the sleeves aren't right as a result.) But it's good. The code name for this sweater on the blog is "Turkish Tile."
  • I suspect that my fate at one of my schools is being decided as I write this, and I should have formal news by Wednesday I suspect. Eek. I'm of distracted mindset as a result of this, but because I'm so helpless to do anything, its all very "free floating." There's a reason I'm not really trying to write a coherent post this morning.
  • I'm slowly easing my way back into the ravelry community, because've been absent from those forums for a while. That's nice.
  • I have errands to do this morning:
    • get a zipper
    • get copies of keys made
  • I'm going to go dancing tonight, third night in a row. Oy. I really like dance, lets not get this confused, but as a social outlet, it sucks (particularly for someone my age, particularly when people are stupid), and while the activity rocks it's all centered around social interaction. Now, to be fair, Morris dance is better than other things (under some conditions, and yesterday was great), but, wow. I'm not really complaining, just, balking at the absurdity, really.
  • I've been watching Enterprise, still, I think I have eight episodes left.
  • I can't decide if it's really bad or if it's using irony effectively. Like, there was an episode arc with Orion "Slave Girls," which tied into an original series episode that was basically an excuse to have almost naked women painted green. This episode wasn't much different, though we learn at the end that the Orion "Slave Girls" were basically commandos, and that they were "in charge" of the Orion culture. Which, I'll accept as a good faith effort on the part of the writers to right a trek-wrong, even if it was sort of poorly handled, and felt like an afterthought. To a large extent, the same thing goes for the Mirror Universe stuff (a woman ends up in power at the end of the arc, despite the fact that the whole arc feels like an excuse to see the actress' mid-sections), though I would say that all of the previous interest in Mirror Universe stuff comes from seeing "our" characters interact with their "evil" counterparts, and that's basically missing from enterprise.
  • I think my next television series watching project is going to be something more interesting. I have "tales of the city" DVDs to watch, and that's next. After that, shrug.
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