So I/we've been trying for the past few months to get a new cat.

A dancing friend's daughter's (siamese) cat had kittens, and we were already to take one of those kittens that hadn't found a home, but it turns out that they had. No new cat.

Then a friend of a friend found a cat, and given the previous experience we decided to be very affirmative and officially put dibs on the cat (given that the chance of cat psychosis was probably pretty low) and I even made an appointment with the vet (that has cared for the family's animals for 25+ years).

And then the friend of a friend decided to keep the cat in spite of one of her family member's allergy.

So we were 0 for 2, in the cat getting. And admittedly, we weren't trying that hard.

But then over weekend a friend's (the friend through which we were connected to cat number 2) new cat--an adopted stray--much to everyone's surprise, had a (small) litter of kittens.

We've put dibs on one of the cats. With luck this one will work out.