Its actually almost interesting how tired and behind I've been. Knitting camp, as I'm sure you've read (here, here, and here), was amazing, and I quite enjoyed the experience. If nothing else it did a lot to inspire me, for future knitting. I'm not sure if there was anything specific I can point to that I learned that I didn't know before, but I have new ideas for patterns, new shapes and techniques and styles that I want to try out and use, and I think on the whole this is a good thing. I also feel better and more encouraged to start designing and writing again. So we'll see what comes of this.

But the downside of this, is that I slept between 3 and 5 hours for the past several days, and despite sleeping a lot last night, I'm only now beginining to recover properly. I spent an entire day at work being groggy and tired. At one point, while we were fiddling with a database, I leaned over and rubbed my forehead on the corner of a library cart rather than move my arm to scratch it. Yeah it was ugly.

While clearly not sufficient as an excuse, I have none-the-less fallen behind in my TealArt-ing (and my tychoish-ing). I do, thankfully, have a station keeping that will appear tomorrow morning (later this morning, likely, by your reading of this). There may or may not be a post on thursday, and I hope to have something about Delueze for friday, but it might not be much. With luck, I will recover by next week.

As you might expect I'm trying to get some knitting done, but hopefully I'll convince myself to chill out a little. I'm starting to get that "oh my g-d, I haven't been writing" itch, so I need to point some time in that direction, but having said that there's a grey Tam that I want to knit, in part to revise my astoundingly popular beret pattern. The astounding part is the fact that it's popular (4th return for "free beret pattern" on google, and routinely gets the most number of hits of any TealArt page), given, I think, that the numbers don't come out even. Unless you cast on a multiple of 4. Also I need a new beret, all of mine seem to have wondered off...

Anyway, I'll be in touch, and sorry about the irregularity of my postings, and keep an eye on tychoish.

Cheers! tycho