I only learned early this morning that Tom Disch had killed himself July 4 in his New York City apartment....

Suicide is always, I think, something of a mystery. Even when someone is in poor health, in bereavement, feeling isolated, we still say Why? How could he end his life, be so sure that nothing would improve? Things always change over time. Tom was only 68.

I don't know the answers to those questions for Tom Disch. I only know that the SF field has lost a major talent, one of our own.

From: Nancy Kress' Blog

I didn't really know his work, but he's been on my list of things to read for some time. My internal database on him pegs him as the sort of "less pornographic Delany, with a greater tendency toward 'dark material.'" That's woefully insufficient. I'll get on remedying this file.

I do remember that I've been nagging H. to read his stuff because I think she'd like it. I'm oddly struck by this, because although I didn't know him, and haven't been as familiar with his work as I'd like to be, I completely concur with Nancy Kress' final sentiment.