My offer to steek one of the armholes of the Morocco jacket on demand while I'm at the shop remains open. If you're local, I'll be in the shop today, tomorrow and Thursday. Write me if you have a preference about when you'd like me to do it. Otherwise, I'm thinking Thursday evening.

In the mean time my Turkish Tile sweater, is is progressing with great pleasure. It's such an engaging knit, and I've just hit what's usually the black-hole period of the sweater, and I'm still entranced. It's now about 8 inches long. I figure I'm not quite half way to the underarm, because I have a lot (a lot of yarn, and I want a jacket/coat).

I know it's a ways off but I'm still debating about how to do the sleeves/shoulders. Here's what I'm thinking about now:

1. Kangaroo pouch: set sleeves in to shoulder width at underarms, and decrease the "half gusset" very fast on the sleeves. No sleeve cap shaping 2. Kangaroo pouch modified: set in sleeves half way to shoulder width, and decrease to shoulder width over the next 2 or so inches (this is more traditional way of setting in sleeves). Decrease the half gusset more slowly. Again, no cap shaping. 3. Do it as a yoke sweater Elizabeth Zimmerman style, likely with sleeve caps/set in sleeves. This will require knitting the sleeves in the direction I don't want to knit them (bottom up) and is much harder judge for course corrections while it's in progress.


In other knitting news: I've not started knitting a manly Ice Queen Knitty yet, though I very much want to. I'm not really making socks or anything else yet. I have been working tirelessly on the new TealArt Web site, mostly so I have a platform for distributing knitting patterns and organizing knitalongs.

Onward and Upward!

Update on 18 December 2007 at 11:17am CST: I just discovered that I've knitted the last several rows of this sweater on US size 3 needles rather than the typical 2.5. We're talking a diameter difference of .25 mm, and I can't yet tell if it's an observable difference or not. Grr. Feel kind of dumb. I'll keep you posted on this.