Time to Ring Some Changes

As I'm sure longtime visitors to TealArt will surely notice, we've changed and added a few new things to TealArt, and I think it's only fair that we give all these things a little notice here. We're posting more, which I hope will continue into the future, but after all of the non-log related things that I've worked on recently I kind of hope that we're done in that area for a while. We've gotten everything spiffed up and pressed out, so things should be good for a while, and I think you'll enjoy all of the enhancements we've made. So without further ado, here's the litany of accomplishments:

  • The addition of Paula Forbes. A writer friend of mine extraordinaire. Her stuff is great, and I hope you enjoy it. She'll be posting stuff all over the site, I'm told, but look for journal entries.
  • Peter McCabe is back for more. For somewhat obvious reasons, Peter hasn't been overly prolific recently (read his previous posts for information), but he's promised some more entries, some potentially lighter material as well.
  • New Skins and new page. Before there were four skins which weren't very compatible with most non-IE browsers. Now there are seven, with a total of 18 options such as different fonts, alternate sidebar location and additional browser compatibility.
  • Content Pages: These are all of the pages on TealArt which aren't dirrectly part of the logs. Lists of links, contributor profiles, the skin page, and other nifty stuff like that. The Content Pages link just gives you a good directory to all of this stuff, all in one place.
  • Sam's Blogwhore Blogroll Here's just a list of links, powered by Blogrolling.com of the blogs and other related favorites that I enjoy. I have it on good authority that Chris is planning to have a similar page soon, but we'll see. Enjoy this as a kind of supplement to the "Fresh Linkages" section.
  • Paradigm Brainfeed: Some of you probably remember when we tried to have another log on TealArt that was supposed to be more relaxed and less formal than the main TealArt Journal. We called it Paradigm, and it didn't really work out as we might have intended. So we stoped doing it. But then we decided to bring it back as a sidebar function in those skins with sidebars, so now we're trying it out again, and we'll see if it works. All the old paradigm entries are still there if you're interested, by the way.
  • A redesign of the way Featured Quotes and Fresh Linkage operate. Better archiving, better functionality on the sidebar. It's a good set up. You'll also note the slight change in name from the less creative "TealArt Links" and "TealArt Quotes," but it's still the same great stuff, only a little better
  • Staff and Crew This page has all of the contact information for the TealArt staff if you're interested in learning more about us and conversing with us. Profiles are forthcoming, I'm told
  • CollectiveArts is closing, and we're going to dedicate this energy towards TealArt. If your interested in the domain, talk to me, otherwise say your farewells.
  • That's it! Enjoy, and If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions feel free to talk to us about them. Also, remember to tell your friends about us, word of mouth is the best (and our only) method of promotion. Thanks again, as always, for reading.
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