I woke up to notification that my iBook shipped; well actually I woke up first and then found out that it had shipped, but you get the idea. In any case, FedEx says that it should make it here by Tuesday morning, (from Taiwan!) and I can't wait.

If I were a more typical blogger, I would have posted about that. But I'm not a typical blogger, so here comes a rather banal post about my day today.

I just talked to someone about a job, and the chances of me getting said job seem to be pretty good. I'll still be able to do this web design and consulting stuff, because honestly it won't take up that much time, and I'm going to have a laptop in four or so days.

Other things on my platter for today: I have a lesson on how to pre-record radio shows, because I'm going to the interim summer engineer for OUTspoken, the LGBT radio show in St. Louis.

Tonight I'm going to see, guess, guess, DAVID SEDARIS. WOW! I love David Sedaris his writing and performance style (for lack of a better thing to describe the way he reads his writing) is so amazingly wonderful. sigh

With that, I'm done. At least for right now.