Here, in the finest tradition of bloggers droning on endlessly on the content of their days, is what happened.

1. I went to bed at 1-am last night, for, near as I can tell, no good reason. I did some studying for a test I had today, and I got some reading done, and did some note taking and what not. My sleep schedule has been a bit wierd of late, so this isn't a huge deal.

2. I woke up at 7:20-ish, but it was mid-sleep cycle so I was groggy and weird, which is never fun. Note to self, maybe earplugs can help prevent such oddities. If I can hit the sleep cycles just right, I can wake up without much pain. Feh.

3. I got out of bed and chugged a cup of tea at about 7:45, with the intention of leaving the house at 8:20 for an 8:40 breakfast.

4. At 8:05 I became seriously nauseated. It was clearly the fact that I chugged the tea (there was no dairy in the tea), but I couldn't fathom eating breakfast. I knew that it would pass, and that it was probably a blood-sugar/hydration issue, but anyway. I trudged off to class/test at 8:47.

5. 9:02, taking my illness as an excuse, I rode the elevator to my class on the 4th floor of the science building with two of my classmates. The test hadn't started. I felt reasonably prepared. The professor offered to push the test back a while to let us cram, but given that the test was over neural-memory systems and what not, I thought this was a bad idea, as I was rehearsing what I knew about LTP.

6. I finished the test at 9:40, and I think I did pretty well. All I really need to do on this, and the next test, is get better than a 76 on this and the next test, and I should end up with something resembling an A- in the class. And I think I do that well. (It's crazy. I do well enough on the papers and other parts of the grade which total to like 68% percent of the grade, that the fact that I consistently score in the 76 range on the tests, means that I'm in good shape). The professor had brownie-cookies in class which helped with the blood-sugar issue, and I had some water when I got to the class room which helped with hydration, and by the time I got into the test I was fine.

7. I had a instant message conversation with my father, which was vaguely surreal (Hi dad), while I waited for one of my TAe-es, or to talk the professor. Ultimately I met with the prof about my project for that class that's going to avoid designing some sort of incredibly complex study to explore affilivive responses to identity and autobiogrpahical representations. It's basically one of the things that I'm really interested in, with skin conductance tacked on for good measure, but I'm excited. If I can ever have enough of my brain cells free at one time to sketch it all out.

8. I had a meeting with another one of my TAe-es at 11. It was awkward and I took way too long to read the paper, but I think I was helpful enough

9. I ate lunch with a friend at 12. It was nice to finally eat and relax.

10. I met with the first TAe at 2. I hung out in the class room and surfed teh internets, from about 1 until the TAe got there. Durring this time I got caught up on the news reader, and began organizing some thoughts for the paper I've been writing today.

11. At 3 I was so exhausted that I went back to my room and promptly fell asleep. I had 1 cup of tea (well two, I guess if you count the cold one I had that morning) at this point, which is at least 2 less than I'm used to and, this time for completely different reasons, I once again doubted my ability to walk across campus.

12. I woke up at 5:20, pulled myself together, did a little bit of reading and then went to dinner at about 6, and had pasta and noodles, that were of passable quality, and then went back to my room and worked until the roommate came home 9. We talked and puttered about for about half an hour before going to the campus coffee house to do the nights work.

13. Here's where I am now. I'm still working on the blasted paper, it's coming along, and having reached the present. I think this post is finished.