So, I finished chapter eight of the novella last night. This means I have two more to go, and I'm on target for 30-32k words.

Chapter Eight let us check in with most of the major characters (and I think upon revision I'll work a couple more characters into one scene), surrounding a rather major event in the story. The scenes were among the shortest in the book, and it required a lot of mental jumping around. I think in total

Chapter Nine, is the opposite: it's basically one long narrative section that builds up to the ending. And then Ten is all bang.

(tycho goes off and thinks for a while...)

Actually, I'm thinking that I might, after all this talk, mash chapter 9 and 10 into one chapter (9), and wrap the story up in one longer chapter. I think I can accomplish what I wanted to accomplish in chapter nine in a short scene, and I think that'll make it end on a better note. I've been weaving two major plot lines together and one of those lines mostly wrapped up in 8, I think I need to just push and get it done. I think the New Chapter Nine will be longer than the other chapters, so this might not effect the end length much, but frankly a little shorter isn't a problem.

We'll see. I think that I'm going to make some notes in the notebook, but other than that I'm going to devote the rest of my night, and possibly the rest of the weekend to other projects that need my attention.

"Write on, with confidence and hope, through all crises," (With apologies to Elizabeth)