So I'm wearing this sweater today, and I have to say that even though it's a bit too big for me (both in shoulder length and in general dimensions), I really enjoy wearing it.

There's something about theses shetland sweaters that really can't be topped. I'm a big fan. I think everyone should spend some time knitting with shetland. If my yarn store experience means anything, shetland is a hard sell. It's not cheap, it's not snazzy, it's not particularly soft. But it's really amazing, and the sweaters are so much fun to wear and to knit.

Particularly in contrast to this other yarn that I've been knitting with. Speaking of the Morocco sweater: I've gotten to the collar. Which is shaped, not at all in the shape that I intended for the collar to be shaped in, but it's not unacceptable. I have to knit the collar, and put it on a holder before I move on to the sleeves. Since it now looks almost like a sweater, I'll get a picture of it up sometime.

In the mean time I've started knitting a grey on grey sweater. Initially I said light and dark grey, but I think the colors are more like, charcoal and off white. So it's lighter than I expected, so I've done a little bit of quick changing to the pattern to put a few more of the darker stitches in the repeat, but it's fun to knit with the yarn again. And it's going fast. In only a couple of hours of knitting time I've gotten like 12 rounds done. Not bad I say. It's going to be a jacket.

I've been in a jacket kick of late. The next sweater I have in the cue is going to be a pullover with a little v-neck, because I think it's about time I did one of these sweaters. I'm knitting it with Louet Gems Merino. It's a super-wash wool, and I've made a sweater out of this that I quite enjoy. I even ordered the yarn today, so that'll be fun.

Ok, that's all the knitting news I have. There's work to be done, and I'm sorry that I haven't had better content here for you all recently. I've been thinking, so something good has to filter to the top soon. Right?

Onward and Upward!