So I've been working on, well g-d only knows what today, but apparently it didn't involve blogging. I have gotten things done, and I'm probably half to 3/4s of the way done with my document for my class on sunday, and making progress on my sweater.

These are good things.

I haven't talked much about it here, but I suspect that most of you are aware that I twitter. That is that I post things to my twitter page throughout my day. Links, thoughts, notifications of new blog entries (ok, that's automatic, but still). It's a great deal of fun, once you get into it, and I heartily recommend it!

Anyway, one of the things that I've been doing of late, is when a lyric of a song strikes my ear/fancy, I'll post a snippet of it on twitter. Usually I don't go for the most recongizeable lyric, like I've posted bits of "The Times they are A-Changing" that aren't "come gather around children" or "the times they are a-changing," and other such.

And it's sort of cool when people twitter back the name of the song or the next lyric, or something, it's sort of like a sing along.

Recently I've been twittering parts of the 69 Love Songs collection by "The Magnetic Fields," which I think is full of great little lyrics like "Papa was a rodeo, mama was a rock and roll band," and "Like the Moon needs poetry, you need me" and "Not for all the tea in China  Not if I could sing like a bird  Not for all North Carolina." And it's so delightful that an obviously quirky band like The Magnetic Fields is so well known that people can generate the next lines and what not from memory.

I've put the iPod back onto random, so who knows what's going to stick in the next few days but I'd like to continue to do this kind of thing, and it would be great to have little sing-a-longs with you too.