I'll be posting an essay on Deleuze in a few moments, so sit tight. I think you'll enjoy. I have a few things to report.

I prepped to write another Deleuze essay. I did some checking and if I proceed at my current pace, I should be done with chapter 2 by the end of the summer. There'll be a hiatus of sorts, and if I'm still interested we'll use the break to explore something non-Deleuze.

In other, Station Keeping news, "I've" started a twitter microblog, for station keeping. I'll post SK updates and also little notes from the characters. It will appear in the sidebar, with the tag "Twitter / Station Keeping" For your entertainment pleasure.

Check it out here!


ps. I'd like to thank dave of soliloqueer for the incoming link. Dave, you're a gentleman and a scholar.