In lieu of anything about my day--which was mostly uneventful; or my knitting progress, which hasn't been; or my plans for tomorrow, which are frightfully dull--I'm going to post the punch lines of a couple of theoretical issues that I've been tossing around and half starting blog essays about for a while, because I want to, and I can think of no good way to to frame or present them, and no good textual sources to talk about, so here goes.

1. Reorganize sociology (and the way that people approach queer studies) so that race/sexuality people are more likely to occur than race/class and gender/sexuality people, because I think that this direction provides a much needed paradigm shift, it helps intersectional projects and it's way way more interesting. I have the beginnings of an essay that I have no real good way to ground on the subject, but it might be interesting to think about

2. Someone should do some study of technology that compares arcane computer interfaces like the command line, with arcane automobile interfaces like the manual transmission. I insert little bits of this when appropriate into my stories, but I think it's an interesting juxtaposition, and I think speaks to some key issues in efficiency and the use of technology.

Thats' all for now, I woke up this morning in a panic about the GRE, I think I'm in pretty good shape, particularly if I continue to work on it, but it's just scary. Also, yarn store work. Egad folks. I have some firewallable time on monday that I think I can do whatever I want with, but I haven't decide if I should write or study for the GRE. Short term I want to write, long term, GRE is more important. Just gotta memorize those Pythagorean triplets.