Well, in two weeks time I'll be driving up to Beloit. I learned on Friday that I got a single room. My form apparently shipped out that morning, and the lady was very apologetic. They're brining in a big Freshman class, they had a higher than expected retention rate, blah blah blah. And then she said, But you got a single. On the 4th Floor.. Hmmm go figure. Well I kind of wanted a roommate, but whatever, I'll take it. I haven't really started to pack. I've done some abstract organization and basically know what I have to do, but I still have to sit down and make lists.

I've also been rather ambivalent about writing of late. I haven't yet gathered the will power to figure out what's happening in Another Round, nor have I had the will power to open up Circle Games and work on the never ending editing. But I did get my pen out and petted it. I realized that since I got my iBook I haven't really used it that much. I need to give my pen a name. I recently decided to name my computer Anna Madrigal. Hehe. Suggestions are welcome.

I'm completely up to date on all of my 'blog reading, something that happens only very rarely now that I've been thoroughly converted to the RSS reader. Usually I read the blogs once or twice a week. It saves a lot of time, and perhaps I should find more blogs to read.

I should probably put some work into the ASF, but can't decide what story would be the best to tell, and given my tendencies to be too contextual about all of this, it's going to be hard for me to come up with something that I'm going to like (as an editor). I have a little story, where the facts where severely twisted, that might (if I can untwist the facts) be a good starting place. Again, another thing I'm avoiding.

My old computer is still broken, but I've put the hard drive into my dad's computer (mostly for the purpose of getting all my data off of it. I don't have a clue as to what's wrong with it, but it isn't the HD, nor is it the RAM, which we verified as working before the mega-crash. Which means it's the processor or motherboard. It simply can't be anything else. But we've replaced both of those, and no combination of new and old parts work. Not only does nothing work, it all doesn't work in the same way, which is utterly confusing. And I have conducted extensive trial and error combinations, and have documented this. I'm thinking of putting the CD drives and one of my hard drives in my dad's computer, because at least they work, and it would probably make my dad happy.

I'm realizing that my poor little hard drive on this iBook is going to be full in about four weeks at the current rate. And to think, I got the biggest possible drive. So in addition to getting RAM (which, I think, I should be able to push off for a little while thanks to Chris' eternal kindness,) some sort of external storage solution looms large in my future. I'll probably just buy an external (fire wire) enclosure, and a 120gb drive (which is only 130ish bucks). In the mean time, I think I should be able to pull some sort of brilliant hacked solution together involving my father's old external CD-RW drive, and the 80 GB hard drive, which will keep me happy for a while.

I've been spending a fair amount of time ripping CDs onto my iBook so I can have music when I go to school. I have, at the time of press, 2 hours short of 7 full days of music. Total space ~ 9 gigs. I'm totally going to want an iPod at some point, but given my frugality I probably won't get that one for years. I'll probably rip another couple of gigs, and leave it at that.

Well, that's enough for now. Cheers!