Since I spent some time last week upgrading and tweaking the design and back-end, I've been prone to thinking about my role/life as a blogger.

In late august and september, I did my little redesign of and put it on hiatus, because I liked what I was doing with tychoish, because it was becoming increasingly clear to me that I didn't want to write that site alone particularly when I wasn't getting any sort of return, whatsoever. I thought I'd give the site till the end of the year, on hold and then see how I felt.

I think I'm going to, at some point, merge the sites back together, at least in the back-end (I think there'd be a way, with some very creative mySQL foo to do that without having it be excruciatingly apparent to the viewing public.) Initially, I wanted to pull tychoish into tealart, but now I'm thinking that the other way might be cleaner, and better looking forward. That's a technical project that I don't think we need to get into here.

The reason I'm considering merging the archives is that a site like tychoish is really the only kind of site that I'm interested in running by myself, alone, from a writing perspective. If it isn't a tychoish post, I should probably try and find ways to post it elsewhere. Also, while tychoish is still slowly climbing to get to the traffic that TealArt had/has, it's close and the traffic is "higher quality" (longer times on the site, lower bounce rates, etc.) So that seems to be a good way to do that.

I mean I'm not going to stop using the domain, probably ever, and I can think of a lot of cool projects that might be fun to run under the TealArt banner (knit alongs, station keeping season 2, a podcast type thing, and so forth), but I don't think that I need a blog for that. I mean I'm still a ways off on this, but I think this is the direction that I'm headed in.

Thanks for listening.