So, this is what I get for writing entries ahead of time. That was a TealArt practice that I need to let go of, I guess.

The last entry, which I posted just after midnight, was, stale before it even went live. I wrote it yesterday to describe my thoughts regarding the status of TealArt and tychoish, which as you can tell from the previous entry, I've felt for a while now, are at some sort of a crossroads. Something needed to change, and TealArt just wasn't fun for me anymore, and wasn't what I needed to be spending any time and energy on.

So so last night, I imported all my old archives from TealArt (chris' went to chris' new site) and basically everything is the way I want it.

There was a slight snafu that some of you are probably painfully aware of: I forgot to turn off my crossposting scripts so, most embarrassingly I sent out 300+ tweets in the span of about 10 minutes. The saddest thing is that I I couldn't get it to stop for another ten (and I still had to revert to a backup and try it again anyway). Sorry for the confusion. Also, all of my tealart posts are now backlogged on live-journal, and will likely stay there henceforth. Some are probably double posted, but such is life, and I don't really seem to care enough to go back and edit these things.

After all that, I did realize that, even though I'm really keen on keeping the archives online, I really don't want anyone to actually read these posts.

As for TealArt, moving forward, I've found a new CMS that I think will be perfect for the small, mostly static site that I hope to turn TealArt into in the next few weeks. I have a couple of projects--station keeping, some knitting patterns, maybe a podcast, maybe a science fiction collection, and so forth--that I think would be perfect for TealArt, but I think the structure of a blog, is something that won't really fit the kind of projects that I would hope to work on here. So this new CMS, is a good move, I think. I'm not trying to be coy about my plans, I mostly don't have any yet.

Anyway, now that that's out of the way, I think we're ready to return to regularly scheduled programing around here.

Onward and Upward!