I generally am not a fan hand lotions as they tend to make my hands feel all greasy, and I'd prefer chapped hands to feeling oily.

I discovered Udder Cream the other day. I guess we've had a tub of it around for a while, but given my aforementioned aversion, I've not been keen on trying it. I did, and I like it, as it's sort of "fast acting," and not particularly oily.

I will admit that having hands that are neither oily nor dry is a sort of odd sensation, but not unwelcome. I do have a two observations however:

The tub has splotches on it and looks like a cow. This is endearing.

Despite the fact that this stuff is commonly sold in stores like Target, the instructions are all about applying it to your cow, and how you should wash "udder and teat parts" before milking first and then moisturize their udders/teats, so as to avoid contaminating the milk.

Thanks Udder Cream for that advice.