Hello everyone!

It's really good to be back. As I'm sure you're aware, tealart was out of service for basically the last week. I've been calling it a hosting mishap: the details of which are unimportant. There were a few days in there where we were unsure if we were going to be able to get access to the site. As you can see, we managed to get everything back the way it should be: (there are even a few improvements [1].) Nevertheless there were a few moments of doubt in there, and while it was distressing, I found that I was able to be rather zen about the whole experience. The interesting thing is that this came at a moment where I was feeling rather energized about my development as a writer (academically and otherwise) and also about the progress of tealart and my other productions.

Having said that, it was a particularly tough week for me in school: I had one of my more impressive writing marathons, and I think I did much of the remaining important work of the semester in the span of four or five days. It's nice to have a little bit of a breather, though, I must say. And I do think that twitter was quite helpful in surviving the bloggless period. And even though the website was down, I also managed to do a little bit of writing for TealArt that I hope you'll get to see in the next few weeks.

In addition I did some planning for another TealArt series: this one, will hopefully not be written (entirely) by myself, and my hope is that it'll be an experiment in storytelling of some sort. That's the hope at least, we'll see how it develops.

Anyway, this is supposed to be a short little entry, look for more substantive content later in the week. For now I will leave you with a little exchange from a class I was in on Thursday night.

cheers, ty.

Professor: Who decides what something means?

Foucauldian Student: I think it's up to who ever has political power.

Professor: Why of course! [appears satisfied with the response, and there is a brief silence, as the conversation lulls before starting in a new direction.]

Tycho: but we all read... [pause]

Class looks quizzically at Tycho.

Tycho: oh wait, there was a discussion going on in my head that you all missed out on. sorry folks. explains reader response theory at some length

[1]I was able to get some of the AJAX functionality of the template to finally work, including a more functional commenting feature, and archive display. Also, as you can see, I found an enhanced version of markdown for Wordpress that supports the tentative footnote feature, which rocks, as you all know.