So there's this English May Carol (from the village of Padstow in Cornwall. The song is commonly known as "The Padstow May Carol" or simply Padstow.) The refrain begins with the words "Unite and Unite." Hell, here's the chorus:

Unite and unite and let us all unite For summer is a-comming today And wither we are going, we will all unite In the merry morning of May

Anyway, I'm knitting this sweater, which is modeled on Meg Swansen's Saddle Shouldered Aran Cardigan, except that it's color-work.

And there's a point in all of these EZ style sweaters where the instructions say "unite the body and sleeves on one needle," but the word "unite" is always in caps or bold, or some such.

So I always sing this part of the instruction to the tune of this song.

So what if it's a little weird.

In any case, I'm (apparently) doing better at taking pictures of my knitting as I do it. So cause for celebration.

At this point I've knit the first inch-or-so of about 10 inches on the shoulders. The thing about yoke sweaters, is that if you decrease in a particular way you can get all manner of clever sweater shapes.

I'm just going to do a set in sleeve, and then end with saddles. across the shoulders and into the collar. We'll see when I get there. I'm taking pretty good notes this time, so we'll be able to reproduce this with ease.

I have to finish writing up the document for my class, but I think I'm just going to knit tonight.

Knit in good health,

Onward and Upward!