Ok, it's been a quiet weekend, as I half predicted. I did get some writing done and other work done, but nothing is quite ready for prime time yet. I fear that I'll be done with six entries all at the same time tomorrow afternoon, and that wouldn't do at all. And I haven't posted a general "how's the tycho doing" report in a while, and I haven't been writing these things here much.

I know that the post of the beginning of the latvian dreaming sweater might have happened a little fast, so I'm going have a series of quick posts that explain my reasoning here. Also, if you're interested in doing a cardigan, I'll cover that as well.

So here goes on the report, as much for archival purposes as anything

My grandmother had her right knee replaced a couple weeks ago (those of you who were playing along at home will remember that she broke a knee cap in January; that was the left one, which seems to be quite alright at the moment). My father and I--despite cold symptoms (his) one working voice (mine) and minimal preparation (ours)--trekked across the state to visit her in rehab. Turns out she's doing great, but it was a really good thing that we were able to visit and help her out a little.

Then this weekend my entire family has to go to a wedding. Feh. I hate weddings, a lot. Though the couple in question lives locally, they've decided to have their party half way across the state. And we live in the midwest, so that's a schlep. And since my father is going to be the best man (ugg) we can't exactly swoop in for the ceremony grab a nosh at the reception and swoop out. Two nights we have to be there. Have I mentioned that while I think I live in a pretty nifty little city, the rest of the state is... somewhat less interesting. Mom and I are brining our spinning wheels, and are going to sit around in some yarn fiber store and cuss. If I post some rant against weddings and marriage, don't take it personally.

On Thursday morning it's May day, which means I have to get up at the crack of dawn, put on my morris dancing gear and dance the sun up. If the sun doesn't rise, blame me, in other words. If you're in St. Louis, email me for directions!

Then, from the wedding I'm going back to stay with my grandmother so I can help ease the transition back from rehab. That's another week, though I hope that I'll be able to get settled this time.

I have to rush back here on that friday, because I think I have to work and teach a knitting class that weekend. And then. As if that weren't enough, I start my summer job that Monday. Which means I have a lot of things to take care of before that happens. The job is cool, it's a shame that it isn't more long term. My main focus of this summer--other than writing another novella and knitting 3 sweaters--is going to be finding a job for the fall and beyond. No pressure.

That's the state of the tycho. I think I need another cup of tea.

Onward and Upward!