I just wanted to pop in out of lecture mode (sigh) and give a brief sort of "meta report," of what I'm working on, where I am in life, and what my plans are for the blog are in the next little bit.

First off, as next Monday is a national holiday (whew) and I'm going to be out of town doing family stuff for the long weekend, I'm not going to have a `Critical Futures <http://criticalfutures.com/>`_ post on monday. The current story, "Visa Riots" (in Trailing Edge) will run through Wednesday (6 parts) and then I'll have a little two part Station Keeping story so we'll be able to start September with a new section of something fun.

I've been hard at work planning a new novel, writing more Station Keeping. I've also been working a lot, but my current employment situation is going to be changing significantly in September (I'm in a "hurry up and wait," situation, but I remain optimistic.) In any case, the next job will be more flexible, whatever it is, and I'm pretty confident that the impending changes in my life that happen this fall will be exciting and productive.

In terms of the blog, I've decided that unless something seems really important I'm not going to talk about things I'm writing and the writing process. I might still post book reviews and thoughts on reading, but I'll probably tone that down as well. I'm not sure that it's been helpful to my process and workflow to spend time reflecting on these sorts of things, and I'd rather spend my blogging time talking about other things, like...

Knitting and technology. I'm starting to knit more again, and I'm pretty aware that you all in blogland are--at least for the moment--primarily knitters. So, I think blogging about knitting will be helpful and fun.

In terms of technology, I've been through a couple of phases about my writing about technology for this blog, and I've not been incredibly happy with my previous modes. I think writing about material technology gadgets/hardware, endorses consumerism in a way that I don't thinks interesting or fun. And while I remain interested in productivity and technology, writing about being productive isn't productive (ie. productivity porn) and in my experience always gets hung up on fadish systems or tools, and that's not interesting. So I'll probably continue to blog about producivity, but much less than I have been.

I'm interested in writing more about open source stuff. My post about drupal was a lot of fun, and I've had some other thoughts which will (hopefully) germinate into full grown posts in the next couple of weeks.

I understand that the geeks might not get the knitting and the knitters might not get the tech stuff but stay tuned in any case, I'm a generalist in both camps, and I promise to be enthusiastic.

Also I have a little script to ease in the posting of links and other miscellany that I find along my travels through cyberspace, I just have to get better at using it. That should help even out any over specialization that I might be prone to.

So that's what's on my plate and mind. What's on yours?