Though you probably won't notice it I upgraded the software that runs this blog last night, as part of my perverse geeky mission of this past sunday, and I think I've finally ironed out all of the kinks. The only evidence of this is the fact that I've removed categories from the sidebar, largely because they don't exist anymore. Wordpress' latest coup is that they have baked in support for tagging, which will let categories become a more useful tool. (Though I know why this is the case, I'll spare you because the background on database queries isn't something I think myself completely capable of.) All in all, its pretty minor, but I'm pleased.

In other news, I think that I've also gotten out of a little funk that I've been in for the past month or so, in terms of writing and other things. I probably just needed a little closure on the novella, to be done with the GRE, and some time to decompress, but doing the streamlining work that I did regarding how I organize and manage my projects on my computer probably helped jump-start things.

I finished a scene yesterday in the novel, I'm at the 4k word park, and I've been actively working on the draft of this project for a hair over a month. So I guess my guideline of a thousand words per week holds true, even if I know for damn sure that I didn't write a thousand words each of the last four weeks. My only other real observation at this point is that though I've outlined this whole thing out, and I know what the pacing is supposed to be like and all that, I'm being very... impressionistic about the beginning. It'll will work out, particularly since I've started writing on it again. My current goal that I'll probably surpass is to have 5,000 words done by the time november (and NaNoWriMo) is over. That's by my count 10% of the NaNo goal, and that's fine by me: there will be nano' thoughts forthcoming in the next few days, I promise.


Onward and Upward!