News flash it turns out that the n800 does have VIM. And nano, if you want it. Frankly, I think that's pretty darn swell, and I think running nano with your thumbs would be a lot easier and more desireable than learning vim, though I could see the appeal, if you had

I wonder, though if you can do subversion checkouts through it, and thus use subversion as a synch tool. I mean who needs to wait for .mac integration when you can cook up some simple shell scripts?

I like the idea that jeff suggests where through bluetooth and a portable keyboard you can sort of force the internal editor to turn off. Now I do this with my laptop, more or less all the time, so it's not a big concern for me, and I can imagine in a situation like this VIM wouldn't be the tool you wanted, but none the less, having this kind of capability in a mobile device would be simply killer.

I think the new iPod Touch is a great piece of technology, and while I don't really see a need for anything new in terms of a music player until I outgrow my current ipod, which will take a while. Having said that, buddy dave/will suggests that apple will come out with some sort of tablet in the next year. Which makes sense, they're so close, and they could totally pull that off, in terms of technology, and I think there's demand, and for many of the same reasons that the n800 appeals, that appeals more.

Full sized touch screen keyboard on a tablet? With the ability to use TextMate and TextExpander? Anyone? I think the kicker would be if it were all flash based, think they could probably get about 40 gigs for something reasonable in the next year, which would be plenty for something like that, if production isn't a problem.

Anyway, enough geek fantasy for right now, I'm going to get some fiction writing of my own done before I have to do real work. And drink tea, must remember to drink tea.

Have a good day, I'm sure I'll stay in touch. :)