I just got an email from my prospective advisor at the school I'm on the wait-list for today.

Days on the waitlist: 26-ish (One week and 2 days till, the rough end).

Anyway, apparently the department sent out rejections a few days ago, and I got sent one *except it was in error*

I have **not* been rejected.*


The interesting bits of information that I was able to glean from this email are:

  • he said and I quote "--At this point, we still have to wait for everyone who has received their offers to 'make up their minds'. So - please hang in"
  • he said "everyone" (which means that many or all of the people they gave offers to haven't confirmed with them. As we're almost a week out from the deadline, this uncertainty on their part is probably good. It's not a done deal yet, and because of the ranking of this school, it probably means that people are jockeying for better slots, or aren't bothering to officially decline offers.
  • I know that at worst there are be 8 people in front of me (including people who got offers). I suspect that there are 4-6 slots in this program. So I'm person 5(6 or 7)-9, and given how long this is dragging on, the better my chances are..