I have become enthrawled with my knitting, and other fiber persuits and haven't done much else in the past two days.

Strangely, I'm not overly saddened by this. Because:

I finished a sleeve!

I've been working on two large sweaters for months, and I have lots of sleeves to knit, and it seemed that all I was doing was knitting sleeves which never seemed to grow, and were constant drag on my consciousness and mood.

I think it's hard to explain that you're feeling kind of down, because you have so many sleeves to knit. Alas.

Anyway, I've finished one sleeve, and done the hard part of the next sleeve. And it's flying. I'm sure I'll grow to hate this at some point, but for the moment, I'm liking it. This sweater still needs a mamoth border/trim, but that's only six rounds (plus a few inches of hem,) at any rate that feels pretty close.

Also this weekend I spun an almost balanced 85 gram (3 oz) skein of bluefaced-leicester wool. 2-ply. The yardage is about 195 yards. I'm pleased. And in other handspun-news: I ripped out a sweater that I'd been making out of hand-spun that had languished for too long. I think that at some point in the future, possibly this summer, I'm going to make a tomten-inspired jacket, in seed stitch with this yarn.

For those of you playing along at home that means that my current list of in-progress knitting is:

  • The fine gauge grey sweater that needs: 2 sleeves, 1 collar (with plackets), and 1 shoulder saddle.
  • The turkish tile sweater that I'm currently focusing on finishing.
  • The Morocco sweater (that's next up in the queue) that needs 1 sleeve ripped, a collar reknit, 2 sleeves knit, and a hem.
  • 1 pair of plain worsted weight socks. (second sock)
  • 1 first toe up stranded sock, that I don't have a lot of loyalty or interest in finishing. (first sock)
  • 1 fingering weight sock, plain. (first sock)
  • 1 lace pi shawl on US 0s (not incredibly serious about working on this till summer.)

I'm having new ideas about sweaters that I want to make and I'm sort of stuck with a bunch of projects that very much reflect the kind of thing that I wanted to make last semester, and not so much with the direction that I want to work on in the future. This is likely always the case, but when I only work on one sweater at a time (and if I work on two, one is plain knitting and the other is pattern), it's easier to finish a project before my tastes move on significantly.

Anyway, I have a class to teach this evening, and some other things on my plate, but hopefully I'll get some writing in.

Onward and Upward!