Welcome to this new little blog/wiki project. I made a post to the 'blog about reorganizing the way I did my blog comments and blogging called a modest blogging proposal.

I wrote this post a few weeks ago. I was so inspired by the prospect of reorganizing the blog, and also so frustrated by the less-than-useful structure of my blogging that, I did the "big reorganization" of the blog the very same day that I published the post that started it all.

This proves, it seems, the neccessity of these changes, which are:

  • Moving the "dialectical futurism" blog to my "Critical Futures" domain, as an "essay" blog. I'm planning to post a new essay here every Tuesday. I might also add a second day a week for some other feature (podcast? contributed essay?)
  • Move the "wikish" wiki that I'd been hosting on the "tychoish.com" domain to be tychoish.com, and add a more short-form blog to the "blog/wiki." I'm calling it "Rhizomatics," and this is the first post. I'll be writing here pretty regularly, and with less intense posts.
  • Do all of the above in a way that doesn't break all of the existing links.

And I think I've done it all. I'll be doing some tweaking in the next few days and weeks to make it all work a bit better, but suggestions are always welcome.

Stay tuned!