Sometimes the biggest jobs are the easiest. Last night I got inspired to make a sort of major change to my website: give up the "plain old blog" look and build a more intense "full featured-type" site. I thought this would be a good afternoon project for the weekend, so I made a list, mocked something up, and went to bed.

And then I got up this morning and in several hours, I was able to concoct what you see here. It's "beta" in the tradition of web 2.0 (rough around the edges, but fully deployed.). I'm still not quite sure what wordpress is thinking on the tag archive pages, but maybe I'll figure something out.

Here's the larger plan: The regular daily blog posts, which I'm now calling "essays" in sense of "an attempt," not a particular forum. The new kind of post will be shorter, more "bloggy" somewhere between the rest of the world's typical blog post, and a twitter.

There are also new "static" pages, and separate syndication feeds if you want to have a little bit more control over how tychoish is syndicated for you.

Also, to readers in livejournal land, if you want all of everything, subscribe to the old tealart syndication feed. Otherwise my livejournal (which had previously just been cross posting all entries will now have a more cherry-picked selection of entries.)

I'll have a more coherent post together on monday. I swear :)

Otherwise tell me what you think.