"tychoish" is a weblog that is something of a mashup of new and old weblog styles. New in the sense that I'm powering it using the latest and greatest from Wordpress, and the general idea of the tumblelog; and old in the sense that of tone and organization.

It seems to me that at some point weblogs started being "about things" rather than running collections of personal wanderings, ramblings, and information. In a lot of way this is the model that TealArt still uses, but it's my intention that TealArt collect essays and slightly more formal pieces.

I've tried a number of times to write less formal blogs, most successfully using the LiveJournals Clever on Demand and Awkward, but Enderingly Colloquial. (Usernames celchu19 and tychoish respectively) While I'm still fond of some of the community aspects of LiveJournal, I like the prospect of doing it on my own, and having more control over the whole process. I've also tried tumblr and I've been generally displeased with the experience. And while microbloging services like jaiku and twitter are great fun, they're not the same as what I have in mind for this site.

In this vein, this site will have short, (mostly) unedited, and rambling posts, quotes and exchanges too funny to let go by, lists of various kinds, and anything else that just needs to get out. With luck, we'll also syndicate this mess in the TealArt sidebar. It will be delicious.