Wonder what this "Station Keeping" thing that I keep talking about is? Wonder no longer. Here's a description of the project that I wrote in an email that I"m kind of fond off.

Station Keeping. Basically what I'm trying to do is create a framework for an ongoing science fiction serial story, to be posted as part of a blog at TealArt (tealart.com but more specifically, tealart.com/hanm.) It's set in a distant future, on a space station, in the middle of a hot political situation, but mostly focuses on a diverse group of characters as history happens around them, and there'll be little adventures with cyberpunk themes, post-colonial themes, and whatever strikes our fancy, I guess... It's not a novel, or a specific long-form book, just fun little glimpses and adventures in another world built around common characters, themes, situations, and dynamics.

In part my goal is to have fun writing science fiction in a more casual situation, and in part it's experiment with using blogging as a medium for Sci-Fi and story telling; but more practically, it's also a way for writers to experiment in a safe space (in part because the entries are short: 1k at the very top, more like 600-700), and it presents a structured way to form a writing community that I think could be really helpful to the group process.

The great thing is that we're accepting submissions. If you want to write an episode, or if you want to join the writing team, you can. It's great practice, and I think we have a cool community, so please contact me if you're at all interested.