So after graduating, after turning 18, after being accepted to a great college, after successfully finishing an awesome theater production I feel somehow obligated to reflect on the gravity of the past few months.

But the truth is that like any big change, I've had, in some cases, years to prepare for this. Right now the only gravity I'd like share with you is the lifting of all this weight that I've been lugging around from my shoulders for the past few months.

In that vein (or artery), I have two semi-whimsical points to make.

Firstly, I'm having a major geek conflict. See, I promised myself that I'd buy myself a much-disserved new computer this summer. I've been using this ancient iMac for months, and a new one is really worth it. I heard a rumor that Apple would be releasing a new something (I'm thinking this is the much awaited G5 PowerBooks) in the middle/end of June. But this is only the latest incarnation of this rumor that I heard first as a rumor about the middle of May. Now I'm not planning to get a PowerBook, because they aren't worth the hefty extra chunk of change, especially in comparison to the iBooks. But the introduction of the G5 portables will drive down the cost overall, and it might be worth it to wait several weeks. Even though I really don't want to. It might be time to, in the interim, fix-up my old computer. God forbid. Something. I need to not be using this computer for much longer I swear.

Secondly, I saw a Vintage VW Bug in perfect condition for sale a few blocks away from here. Wouldn't that be awesome? Well it could hardly get worse gas mileage. The truth is I don't really want a new car, or even a new-to-me car. Though that would be nice. I've been driving a 1989 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight Royale for the past two years, and it's a great car. Runs great, really reliable for a car of its age, and its really comfortable. But I'm pretty sick of it. Gas mileage is eh. Turning radius is pretty pathetic. I've plans to sell it at the end of the summer, and be car-less for a year or two (or even three/four), and then get something more suited to me and my uses when my life is more suited to having a car. I'll live. But at the same time, a vintage VW...