So I passed a major milestone with my knitting today. Well this knitting project, I haven't gotten into any new territory in a about a year. Unless cardigans count (I think that's a quantitative difference, not a qualitative one). Anyway, thats not the point of this quick little knitting note. I just started on the yoke section of my current project.

Yoke sections are, generally, the parts of the knitting that the sleeves connect to. Incidentally, the part of your pants that exculdes the portion measured by your inseam (the top bit with pockets, where your ass goes) is also called the yoke. Now that we have our tailoring lesson through with for today, more about this particular sweater.

I realized as I put the first gusset (the bit of fabric that I, and many other traditional folk knitters before me, insert at the bottom of the sleeve to increase ease of movement) on a holder, that I will have successfully knit myself what will be a 30 inch long coat.

It will be splendid and I will love it, but, this begs the important question of: why the hell? I have a long torso, such garments don't look as good on me. A secret that I have avoided telling anyone henceforth (you heard it here first, folks), is that my favorite sweater looks so good on me, is that the body is generally a bit shorter than I tend to make sweaters. I frankly don't have a good excuse for this behavior. Its not a hard alteration to make, and I'm not sure why I do it this way, but I always think that I like sweaters long (and I do enjoy a number of long sweaters, but I tend to like shorter ones more) so I always make them about 26 or 27 inches long (the extra on this one, is mainly so that I can ware it over long sweaters to fight the winter chill.) They should be 24-26 inches long.

I just wanted to say that. I also made a yarn order for some fingering weight silk and wool from knit picks for a sweater. The sweater will be in earth tones, so I need to start thinking about a pattern. I will either make the Henry VIII sweater from Alice Starmore's Tudor Roses, or design a cardigan (unlikely, given the fine nature of the yarn), or design a new sweater of some variety, which I'm not really feeling at the moment. While I could try a new design, I must say that there's no sweater thats just kicking me and saying "design me," so that might be worth listening too. I frankly hope that this doesn't last long, as there aren't that many patterns that I feel particularly drawn to knitting.

So yeah. Cheers.

ps, how do you like the name change? yeah, I didn't think it was noticeable. I've done away with the author archives, because it was behaving badly, and frankly it wasn't that useful. but I'm still the same old s-m! cheers!