I'm sitting in one of the local cafe shops waiting for a friend as I write this (but not, as you will soon learn as you read this) because this fine establishment charges what I think of as "through the nose" for internet access. What's through the nose? 10 cents a minute, per hour, or ten dollars for a day. The issue is that this would mean that the provider (which isn't the cafe) is making a hefty profit from all this, even though we've already basically paid our dues for the privilege to sit here.

When will they learn?

I reman, yours in the struggle, tycho

ps. I would like to say that I conned this place into making what amounts to a mango lhasi (like you get in indian restaurant.) Despite the sucky internet, I'm quite happy.

pps. This is what happens when I don't get access to twitter http://www.twitter.com/tychoish/; aparently there is freqireless, but someone else, that has a stronger signal, has pay wireless. All is well and right with the world.