I'll probably do a fair piece of this "metablogging" thing here, and I'm sorry.

Also, I totally intended for rhizome to be a much shorter form blogging project, and while the posts are shorter here than at critical futures, they're not exactly short, and I'm not exactly as prolific as I might like to be.

I think I might just be somewhat long-winded.

I've also found that I've mostly not succeeded as using the wiki functions. Which is probably as much a result of my minimal posting as it is a function of my inclination.

Though I do realize that I'm pretty set in my existing blogging habit, and it takes a lot for me to break out of this form. Though I think it'll be good to try. You can help by editing pages and continuing conversations that I start. I think I need to tweak some of the templates, to include "discuss this further" links (both here and on critical futures.) to remind people that anyone can edit and contribute.

Also you should all check out On Wireless Data, if you haven't already. This is a post that I wrote a while back (and posted last week) about the that the technological constraints of wireless data networks constrains and effects the kinds of applications that are developed for these kinds of environments. This in turn affects the ways that people use technology. Which is interesting (and important) to think about.

And that's all for now. I'll see you around later!