Like any good blogger, I suppose I owe you both a New Years Entry. TealArt has been wimpy for the past couple of months, but that just might be changing. I'm working on a new Top-Secret formula that might synthesize enough new time in the day for me to start writing for this site again, and Chris is finally coming to his senses and is itching to start posting again. Amy and I have made plans to wrap up some coding work later this week that will transfer this site to the Quarto CMS which will be awesome beyond words. Stay tuned.

2002 has most certainly been interesting. TealArt and CollectiveArts have been through too many changes and not all of them were good so I'm not going to even wax poetic about any of them; but I think something personal is in order. 2002 has seen the creation and destruction of many things, as any year is bound to see. I do not suppose in the grand scheme of things that anything has changed, nor will anything significant change in 2003, but it's the little things that count.

I've spent the better part of this year working on Circle Games, and the end is finally within sight. Even if the book turns out to be crap, which is inevitable in retrospect, and even if I'm not able to publish it (not to sound to hard on my self. I honestly think that it's a good book and that a publication endeavourer will be successful.) Circle Games will have thought me that I am able to write fiction, that I do have the will power necessary to compose a novel, a real novel.

But it's not over yet. I still have a substantial portion of the text to complete. So that's part resolution I suppose. I am sticking to Amy's Imperative(tm); save the future and present for your pleasure and write about the past. So you're not going to get the list of resolutions, but they're in there.

Till next time; Cheers.