From the Wikipedia page on Wolf 424

Due to its proximity and fast motion towards the Sun, Wolf 424 will brighten by more than 2% over the course of the 21st century. In approximately 7700 years it will make its nearest approach at a distance of about 1 light year.

See ya in 9700.

And here's a picture for your records:

A light year is pretty darn close, and astronomically, 7k years isn't that long at all. I'm thinking someone needs to write a story.

As I've thought about this some more, I've realized (with the help of wikipedia) that Wolf 242 is moving, relative to the speed of the Solar System, at 555km/s, which is almost 2 percent of light speed. [1] Right? There has to be a story in this.

[1]Am I the only one to think that it's really cool that google will calculate C, the speed of light, from the search bar?