I realize this is kind of meta, but....

since I'm setting up two new Wordpress installations on this sever, for this website and also for the station keeping documentation, I've realized that there is so much that the software can do and so little that I generally get it to do, and about 80% of what I do do with wordpress, are hacked together things from the old days.

I mean I think it all looks good, and what not, and I don't really want to make the website(s) any spiffier than they already are, but.... it's craziness.

Also, I have to say that, while it works really well, Wordpress is kind of getting bloated and funny. Back in the day, you could open up the files (I guess this was back when it was b2/cafelog) and see what the database queries were doing. A discussion I had with bear, gave me the term "abstraction" to describe the way that computer code/programing becomes further and further removed from what it's actually doing. I hope I'm getting that right...

Anyway, I had a blogging system for a while, where all the templates and what not, basically had to be done by hand. While we didn't work out perfectly for each-other, that CMS and I, in terms of capability, there isn't a lot that it couldn't do that I can now with the a program that is significantly newer (as these things go).

well whatever.

ps. I'm using the BlogMate plugin for TextMate this post. Have I mentioned how much I like TextMate