While I'd seen the LJ crossposter before, for some reason I'd never really installed it. Now I have. This post should be the first crosspost between this site tychoish and the tychoish livejournal.

I was in the MarsEdit support room--mostly because I like to be supportive of programs I like--and I thought, you know there has to be a good way to automate the Wordpress-LJ mess. I can't get rid of LJ, and I don't want to have LJ be my only blog-output.

So cross posting, is probably the best idea. In the past (and still, I suppose) I've used LJs feed importer option for TealArt,

In truth I'll probably need to tweak the settings a bit, and while I initially thought that it would be cool to take care of this on my end, this seems like the kind of thing that might actually be best done on the server. I mean when in doubt use a supercomputer to do something rather than my trusty little powerbook g4.